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MDF Board 1220mmx2440mm 1-30mm

MDF Board 1220mmx2440mm 1-30mm

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Choose our ROCPLEX MDF Board in the size of 1220mm x 2440mm, with thickness options ranging from 1-30mm, for your milling machine projects. Benefit from their uniform mechanical properties, strength, durability, flat surface, and resistance to fungi and microorganisms. Experience the reliability and versatility that our ROCPLEX MDF boards offer, and bring your woodworking projects to a new level of excellence.


Product Detail


Introducing our high-quality MDF Board, measuring 1220mm x 2440mm and available in a thickness range of 1-30mm. This versatile and reliable board is an excellent choice for various applications, whether you’re working on a DIY project or involved in professional construction.

Crafted from Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), our boards are engineered with precision and durability in mind. MDF is a composite wood product made from fine wood fibers combined with a synthetic resin binder, resulting in a smooth and consistent surface that is free from knots, warping, or other natural imperfections.

The dimensions of 1220mm x 2440mm (4ft x 8ft) make these boards convenient and easy to handle, allowing you to cut and shape them to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re building furniture, cabinetry, shelving units, or engaging in interior decoration, our MDF boards provide a stable and sturdy foundation for your projects.

With a thickness range of 1-30mm, you have the flexibility to choose the appropriate board thickness based on your requirements. Thinner boards are ideal for applications where weight and flexibility are crucial, while thicker boards offer increased strength and durability.


Face / Back: Raw MDF  Melamine MDF Veneer MDF HPL MDF

Grade:  AA grade

Color: raw MDF color, Solid colors, wood grain colors, fancy colors, stone colors

Glue: E0 glue, E1 glue , E2 glue , WBP glue , MR glue

Thickness: 1-28mm  (normal: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 21mm)

Specification: 1220mmX2440mm, 1250mmX2500mm, 915mmX1830mm, 610mmX2440mm, 610mmX2500mm

Moisture Content: below 8%

Density: 660  /  700   /   720    /   740   /   840   /   1200 kg/m3

  • MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers, combining them with wax and resin binder, and forming panels through a high-pressure process.
  • MDF Board is available in the size of 1220mm x 2440mm and thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 30mm.
  • It has a smooth and uniform surface, which makes it ideal for painting, laminating, and veneering.
  • MDF Board is highly versatile and can be used for a wide range of applications, including furniture, cabinetry, doors, and decorative panels.
  • It is a cost-effective option compared to solid wood and other engineered wood products.
  • MDF Board has a consistent density and thickness throughout, which makes it easy to work with and machine.
  • It is a stable material and does not expand or contract with changes in temperature and humidity, making it ideal for use in interior applications.
  • MDF Board has excellent screw-holding ability and can be screwed into without cracking or splitting.
  • It is available in different grades, such as A-grade, B-grade, and C-grade, which vary in terms of density, thickness, and surface finish.
ROCPLEX MDF Packing And Loading
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Container Type



Gross Weight

Net Weight

20 GP

8 pallets

22 CBM



40 HQ

16 pallets

38 CBM



The strength and durability of our ROCPLEX MDF panels are exceptional. They are engineered to withstand heavy loads, retain their shape effectively, and securely accommodate mounting accessories. This makes them an ideal choice for projects requiring stability and long-lasting performance.

The surface of our MDF boards is incredibly flat, allowing for precise milling and machining operations. This uniformity translates to high-quality finishes when applying paint, lamination, decorative sticker tapes, veneer, or other coatings. Achieve professional-looking results with ease, as the smooth surface of our MDF boards ensures optimal adherence and a flawless appearance.

In addition to their mechanical properties, our ROCPLEX raw MDF boards possess natural resistance to various fungi and microorganisms. This inherent resistance makes MDF products hygienic and safe for home use. You can confidently incorporate our MDF boards into your living spaces, knowing that they contribute to a clean and healthy environment.

MDF Board 1220mmx2440mm 1-30mm FAQ

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