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ROCPLEX: The Premier Shuttering Plywood supplier in china

What exactly does shuttering Plywood mean?

Introducing our premium Shuttering Plywood is the only one to use in concrete formwork and construction. For experts looking for a strong and durable board that can endure the rigorous requirements of concrete casting and perform well on the job site, this 21mm phenolic exterior plywood is the ideal option.

The Shuttering Plywood features a strong structure that guarantees good load-bearing capacity and dimensional stability. It is precisely crafted and developed for strength. This Plywood’s thickness of 21mm ensures structural integrity while providing great strength and flexibility, making it simple to handle and install. The Plywood’s phenolic outer surface is one of its most notable characteristics. A premium-grade phenolic coating, known for its water resistance, toughness, and resilience to wear and tear, is applied to the surface. The Plywood is shielded from moisture, the environment, and chemicals frequently found in concrete by the phenolic layer, enabling sustained utilization and a longer lifespan.

What advantages does 21mm Phenolic Exterior Plywood from ROCPLEX Shuttering Plywood offer?

Easy Form Stripping: Concrete won’t attach to ROCPLEX Shuttering Plywood’s smooth phenolic film surface, making form stripping simple. By making form stripping simple, this innovation speeds up the demolding procedure and reduces labour and time requirements. Additionally, it guarantees concrete forms that are exact, clean, and have few surface flaws.

  • Excellent Surface Finish: 

The superior phenolic film surface produces outstanding surface finish outcomes. It stops bleeding and leaking of the concrete, resulting in final concrete buildings that are smooth and attractive to the eye. This capability is crucial for projects that call for a high standard of aesthetics.

  • Sustainable Sourcing: 

 Sustainable Timber Sourcing is used in the production of ROCPLEX Plywood. The plywood panels comprise many hardwood veneer layers that are adhered together using exterior-grade glue. This guarantees that the product satisfies exacting quality requirements while reducing environmental effects.

  • Superior durability and strength: 

ROCPLEX Shuttering Plywood 21mm thickness guarantees high strength and load-bearing capability. It can endure pressure from construction workers and large concrete pours. Additionally; the Plywood is designed to be durable and resistant to warping, bending, and delamination.

  • Exterior Phenolic Surface:

 The Plywood’s external surface has a phenolic film covering that provides excellent weather and water resistance. It serves as a solid barrier that keeps moisture from penetrating the Plywood, ensures dimensional stability, and increases the Plywood’s longevity. The phenolic surface is perfect for demanding construction applications since it is also very resistant to wear and strain.

The Superiority of Shuttering Plywood as a Construction Material:

When it comes to building materials, selecting the best one greatly influences the strength and quality of a project. This Plywood is one material that distinguishes itself for its adaptability and dependability in building. In this blog post, We’ll examine why shuttering Plywood is preferred in the building business.

  • Plywood shutters are prepared to withstand moisture and bad weather. This makes it the perfect option for building projects in humid climates or when exposure to precipitation like rain and snow is a problem. The formwork’s integrity is ensured by its resistance to moisture, which prevents swelling, warping, or delamination. 
  • This Plywood is simple to deal with, which construction experts appreciate. It may be drilled, chopped, and moulded to match different formwork specifications. Additionally, because of how simple it is to clean, each concrete pour is uniform and devoid of flaws.
  • This Plywood is frequently obtained through eco-friendly forestry, making it a sustainable option. Construction projects have a smaller overall environmental effect thanks to their long lifespan and reusability.

China’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Plywood for shutters is ROCPLEX:

ROCPLEX plywood is designed to fulfil the strict shuttering and concrete formwork application specifications. We stand out because of our constant dedication to excellence. High-grade veneers are carefully sculpted into each sheet of ROCPLEX plywood to provide excellent strength, durability, and moisture resistance. Because of this, it is the best option for building concrete moulds and formwork, especially in difficult conditions. 
  • We have partnered with several renowned building material wholesalers to meet the demands of the worldwide market, and we are in charge of designing and OEMing Plywood and furniture under their brand names. Home World Group relies on excellent quality management, excellent customer service and cutting-edge technology. Actively lead the industry and provide these goods and services to customers with satisfaction.
  • Due to ROC’s rich experience in import and export business. We can efficiently handle the distribution of Home World Group’s products across the globe. Due to our good working relationships with foreign partners, shipping companies and customs authorities. We can manage the intricacies of international trade and guarantee timely and cost-effective delivery of our items to customers around the world.
  • Construction requires the use of high-quality materials, and ROCPLEX, the leading producer of shuttering Plywood, is one brand that stands out in the field. With a reputation for excellence and innovation, ROCPLEX has established itself as a reliable option for contractors and builders worldwide. The commitment to innovation made by ROCPLEX is one of the main elements in the company’s success. We make ongoing R&D investments to produce goods that meet and surpass industry standards. 
  • Our Plywood is made simple to use, lowering labour expenses and boosting building site productivity. It is also important to note ROCPLEX dedication to sustainability. We use ecologically friendly production techniques and sustainably sourced components, making them an ethical option for builders who care about the environment.


As a result of its strength, durability, smooth surface finish, reusability, resistance to moisture and weather, simplicity of use, cost-effectiveness, and environmental advantages, shuttering Plywood has established a reputation as a quality building material. The correct materials must be chosen to guarantee the success of a building project, and this Plywood stands out as a standout option for formwork and other uses. Its attributes make it an essential part of the building industry, helping to produce safe, enduring, and aesthetically pleasing constructions. ROCPLEX is committed to ensuring that all our products meet or exceed international standards.

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