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Cost-Effective Shuttering Plywood For Large-Scale Building Projects

As large-scale building projects require vast amounts of materials, finding cost-effective options is a top priority for contractors. One such material is shuttering plywood, which is commonly used for concrete formwork.

In this blog, we will explore cost-effective shuttering plywood options for large-scale building projects, including the benefits, grades, comparison with premium-grade options, and tips for ensuring quality and reliability.

What Is Shuttering Plywood?

It is a type of engineered wood panel that is commonly used for concrete formwork. It is made by gluing together several thin layers of wood veneers, which are then pressed and dried to form a strong and durable panel.

It is specifically designed to withstand the weight and pressure of wet concrete, making it an ideal choice for construction projects that require concrete formwork.

Benefits Of Using Shuttering Plywood For Large-Scale Building Projects:

It is an effective tool for large-scale building projects. It allows you to lay the foundation of your project promptly and with little disruption to your surrounding environment.

Here are some of the benefits of using shuttering plywood:


Shuttering plywood allows you to lay the foundation of your project quickly and efficiently. This means less time wasted and more money saved on labor costs.


Shuttering plywood can withstand the extreme conditions of building in a large-scale project. It resists damage from being dropped and protects against water damage while you are working on your project.


It is easy to use, which means that any qualified person can install it without any training or experience required. This also increases efficiency by reducing the time spent training workers and teaching them how to use the product properly.


Shuttering plywood is versatile enough to be used in various applications across all industries including residential, commercial, industrial, and government projects.

Grades Of Shuttering Plywood Available In The Market:

It is available in several different grades, which vary in quality and price. The most common grades of shuttering plywood include:

  •  General purpose shuttering plywood:

This is the most affordable option and is suitable for basic formwork applications. It is typically made from softwood and has a lower number of veneers than higher grades.

  •  Moisture-resistant shuttering plywood:

This grade is treated with a waterproof coating, which makes it suitable for applications where moisture is present. It is typically made from hardwood and has a higher number of veneers than general-purpose plywood.

  •  High-strength shuttering plywood:

This grade is designed for applications where high strength and durability are required. It is typically made from hardwood and has a higher number of veneers than moisture-resistant plywood.

ROCPLEX’s High-Quality Shuttering Plywood:

ROCPLEX offers two premium options for formwork plywood made from multiple layers of veneer and sealed with a waterproof adhesive. These products are designed to provide unmatched quality and performance for large-scale construction projects.

1. ROCPLEX 18mm Brown Film Faced Shuttering Plywood Sheet:

This product is a high-quality hardwood plywood covered with a phenolic resin-treated film that turns into a protective film during production. It is an excellent choice for shuttering, ply shuttering, and formwork plywood applications.

With exceptional features, performance, and technical specifications, this product provides a range of advantages for your construction needs. It is reliable, and durable, and ensures outstanding results for all your construction requirements.

2. ROCPLEX 21mm Phenolic Exterior Shuttering Plywood:

This product is a high-quality hardwood plywood covered with a phenolic resin-treated film that turns into a protective film during production. It is widely used in the construction industry and trailer floor production.

The edges of this plywood are sealed with water-dispersible acrylic paint, and it comes with a smooth or mesh surface. It is easy to mount and use, and it is ideal for strong, stable concrete formwork.

This plywood can be reused more than 50 times if used following the instructions and is an excellent alternative to iron molds that can be easily deformed.

Cost-Effective Solution for Large-Scale Building Projects:

Both of these shuttering plywoods from ROCPLEX offer a cost-effective solution for large-scale building projects. These products are strong, durable, and easy to transport and handle on job sites. They are also easy to cut and shape, making them suitable for a range of formwork applications.

Contractors can choose the right grade of plywood for their specific needs and budget, and these products are easy to repair and reuse, which can save money in the long run. Overall, using ROCPLEX’s shuttering plywood for concrete formwork is an excellent choice for cost-effective and reliable construction projects.

Comparison With Premium-Grade Options:

While premium-grade it may offer superior quality and durability, it comes at a much higher cost than lower-grade options. For large-scale building projects where cost is a major factor, using cost-effective shuttering plywood options can provide significant savings without sacrificing quality.

However, for project leaders with more demanding needs, the waterproof and durable shuttering plywood offers great advantages in the long run:

Enhanced Durability:

Premium-grade it is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, making it ideal for use in outdoor construction projects.

Higher Reusability:

High-grade formwork plywood can be reused many more times than lower-grade options, which can be a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for projects requiring repeated formwork.

Increased Structural Strength:

High-quality it is more resistant to warping, bending, and cracking, which means that it can provide better structural support for large-scale building projects.

Tips For Ensuring Quality And Reliability Of The Shuttering Plywood:

While cost-effective formwork plywood can save a lot of money on large construction projects, it is important to ensure that the quality and reliability of the material are not compromised. Here are some tips for ensuring the quality and reliability of shuttering plywood:

  • Choose the right grade of shuttering plywood for the specific application.
  • Inspect the plywood for any defects or damage before using it for formwork.
  • Ensure that the panels are properly supported and braced to prevent bending or warping.
  • Use the recommended thickness of shuttering plywood for the specific application.
  • Avoid exposing the plywood to excessive moisture or sunlight, which can cause warping or delamination.

Final words:

In summary, shuttering plywood is an excellent option for large-scale building projects due to its strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness. With the availability of different grades, contractors can choose the right option for their specific needs and budget.

If you want to find more durable and high-quality shuttering plywood for your construction projects, ROCPLEX is one of your best choices!

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