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18mm Brown Film Faced Plywood: Your Robust Solution for Construction

18mm Brown Film Faced Plywood: Your Robust Solution for Construction

The film faced plywood is specifically designed for shuttering applications, enabling the creation of smooth and even concrete surfaces. It effectively prevents the leakage of cement slurry, resulting in high-quality finishes and reducing the need for additional surface treatments.

Beyond construction projects, this versatile plywood sheet can be utilized in various applications, including furniture manufacturing, packaging, and DIY projects. Its durable construction and resistance to moisture make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Product Detail

ROCPLEX 18mm film faced plywood for construction use, perfect for shuttering projects, phenolic plywood, and more.

Introducing our top-tier Brown Film Faced Plywood 18mm, meticulously engineered for construction and shuttering needs. This plywood sheet sets a high standard for performance and longevity, making it the perfect selection for a diverse array of construction endeavors.

Boasting a durable brown film coating on both sides, this plywood offers a smooth and resilient surface. This film serves as an effective shield against moisture, outdoor conditions, and wear, rendering it an excellent choice for outdoor applications and concrete formwork.

ROCPLEX 18mm Film Faced Shuttering Plywood Technical characteristics

Sr No. Property Unit Test Method Value Of Test Result
1 Moisture Content % EN 322 7.5 Check out
2 Density kg/m3 EN 323 690 Check out
3 Bonding Quality Bonding Quality Mpa EN 314 1.68-0.81 Check out
4 Bonding Quality Damage Rate % EN 314 85% Check out
5 Bending Modulus of Elasticity Longitudinal Mpa EN 310 6997 Check out
6 Bending Modulus of Elasticity Lateral Mpa EN 310 6090 Check out
7 Longitudinal Mpa EN 310 59 Check out
8 Lateral Mpa EN 310 43.77 Check out
9 Cycle Life About 15-25 Repeated Using Times According To Projects By Formwork Application

ROCPLEX 18mm Film-Faced Plywood Advantages:

  • Smooth Surface for Precision: Ideal for achieving high-quality fair-faced concrete finishes.
  • Lightweight Strength: Offers both strength and durability while remaining easy to handle.
  • Customized Film and Glue: Crafted with bespoke materials for top-tier performance and quality.
  • Tailored Sizes: Support for custom sizing to meet specific project requirements.
  • OEM/ODM Options: Available for personalized product solutions.
  • Comprehensive Supply: A one-stop solution for consistent quality and service.
  • Versatile Use: Suited for 18mm shuttering plywood, ply shuttering, and phenolic plywood applications.
  • Construction Flexibility: Suitable for various construction projects.

ROCPLEX 18mm Shuttering Plywood Applications:

  • Shuttering Projects: Ensuring accuracy and durability in concrete casting.
  • Ply Shuttering: Adaptable for various construction needs.
  • Phenolic Plywood (18mm): Perfect for creating high-quality, long-lasting structures.
  • Shutter Plywood (18mm): Ideal for diverse construction scenarios.
  • Formwork Plywood: Ensuring reliability and precision in construction projects.

ROCPLEX Shuttering Plywood Save Time, Labor, and Cost

ROCPLEX Film faced plywood Save cost

Be special for phenolic glue and film

The smooth plywood film-faced plywood can be disassembled and used repeatedly for both faces, saving 25% of the cost.

Optimization for the special grade of core

Be special for adhesive

ROCPLEX Film faced plywood Shorten the duration

Excellent effect of de-molding

Shorten 30% of the duration.

Avoid the reconstruction of the wall

Be easy to incise and blend

ROCPLEX Film faced plywood the high-quality casting

The flat and smooth faces

The faces are flat and smooth, avoiding bleeding out remains of bubbles and concrete.

The structure of waterproof and breathability

The edges are polished carefully

ROCPLEX 18mm Film-Faced Plywood Packing and Loading

cheapest 4x8 plywood

Container Type



Gross Weight

Net Weight

20 GP

8 pallets

22 CBM



40 HQ

18 pallets

53 CBM



Meanwhile, we also can supply you the phenolic plywood, commercial plywood, three-quarter plywood and etc.
We are especially professional in supplying form plywood shuttering boards.
Please contact our sales team for more detailed information regarding shuttering plywood.

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ROCPLEX Brown Film-Faced Plywood

Choose our Brown Film Faced Plywood 18mm for its exceptional performance, durability, and versatility. Whether you’re engaged in large-scale construction projects or smaller DIY endeavors, this plywood sheet will provide the reliability and strength needed to achieve outstanding results. Trust in our plywood to meet your construction needs with excellence.

cheapest 4x8 plywood
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Film-Faced Plywood FAQ

Q: What is this  Plywood?

A: This   Plywood is a type of structural plywood that is designed for use in heavy-duty applications such as construction, formwork, and industrial applications. It is coated with a film on the surface to protect it from moisture and damage.

Q: What is the film made of?

A: The film on this Plywood is typically made of phenolic resin, which provides a durable and waterproof surface that can withstand exposure to moisture, chemicals, and other environmental factors.

Q: What are the dimensions of this  Plywood?

A: This  Plywood comes in a variety of dimensions, but the most common size is 1220mm x 2440mm. The thickness can range from 6mm to 30mm depending on the specific application.

Q: What are the main uses of this  Plywood?

A: This  Plywood is commonly used in heavy-duty applications such as construction formwork, concrete pouring, scaffolding, and industrial applications. It can also be used in furniture making, flooring, and other decorative applications.

Q: Is this  Plywood waterproof?

A: Yes, this Plywood is designed to be waterproof due to the film on its surface that provides protection against moisture and other environmental factors.

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