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SENSO LVL E13 Beams: 300 x 63mm H2S Treated

SENSO LVL E13 Beams: 300 x 63mm H2S Treated

Short Description:

Choose our Structural LVL E13 Engineered Wood LVL Beams 300 x 63mm H2S Treated SENSO Framing LVL 13 for reliable, durable, and high-performing framing solutions. Experience the advantages of their strength, longevity, and versatility in meeting your construction needs. Trust in these beams to provide the solid foundation your projects require.



Product Detail

LVL Beams 300 x 63mm Laminated veneer timber, LVL E13, a type of ‘engineered wood product’ created in the 1960s, is made by adhering layers of wood veneers with the grain running parallel to one another. Beams made of laminated veneer timber can be constructed using several beams to increase strength and capacity

SENSO Structural LVL E13 Frame
Benefits of a LVL beam:

  • Widely utilised in headers and beams, LVL Beams 300 x 63mm has also been successfully applied as a trim material with some slight adjustments, such as adding a few cross-laminated layers to reduce cupping and water-resistant edge sealing.
  • LVL Beams 300 x 63mm trim is straightforward to cut, nail, and install, much like a piece of plywood, yet it is dimensionally stable, like H2S treated LVL beams.
  • Its weight is in the middle of that of solid wood and hardboard. It comes in lengths ranging and is suitable for fascia, casings, corner boards, and the SESNSO framing.
  • Being a uniform and dimensionally stable building material, LVL can be used for both bearing and non-bearing walls, as planks, beams, headers, door and window frames, sliding door rails, steps and roof trusses of single-family homes and engineered building structures like swimming pools and sports arenas, among other things.
  • Long-span or extra-strength beams, such as those over doorways, ridge and beams for hanging roof systems, and window and door headers, are frequently constructed using LVL beams.
  • LVL lumber creates very rigid beams with larger span capacities than sawn lumber by using wood fragments that are all orientated in the same direction.

We manufacture I-joists, laminated wood beams, and other engineered wood products.

SENSO LVL Beams 300 x 63mm Packing and Loading

Container Type



Gross Weight

Net Weight

20 GP

6 pallets

20 CBM



40 HQ


40 CBM




Meanwhile, we also can supply you the formwork system accessories, commercial plywood, film-faced plywood, etc.
We are specially professional in supplying LVL and plywood board.
Please contact our sales team for more detailed information regarding ROCPLEX – SENSO Structural LVL.

LVL Beams 300 x 63mm FAQ

Q: What are LVL beams used for?

A: LVL beams are used for structural support in a variety of construction projects, including residential homes, smaller commercial buildings, and other mid-range span applications.

Q: How strong are LVL beams?

A: LVL beams are very strong and can support moderate to heavy loads. The strength of an LVL beam depends on its size and the number of veneers used to create it.

Q: Can LVL beams be used for outdoor applications?

A: Yes, LVL beams can be used for outdoor applications, but they should be treated with a weather-resistant coating to protect them from moisture and other environmental factors.

Q: Are LVL beams more expensive than solid wood beams?

A: LVL beams can be more expensive than solid wood beams, but they offer several advantages, including greater strength and dimensional stability, which can make them a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Q: How are LVL beams installed?

A: LVL beams are installed using traditional framing methods, such as bolting, nailing, or screwing them to other structural members. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions to ensure the proper installation of LVL beams.

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