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Top-Notch LVL Beams 360 x 65mm: Strength and Applications

Top-Notch LVL Beams 360 x 65mm: Strength and Applications

Short Description:

Under the trusted SENSO Framing brand, our LVL beams are manufactured with utmost precision and adhere to rigorous quality control measures. We prioritize consistency and reliability, ensuring that every beam meets or exceeds industry standards. Whether you’re a professional builder, architect, or enthusiastic DIYer, you can rely on our LVL beams to deliver exceptional results.


Product Detail

Introducing the Evolution of Support: Discover the Strength, Sustainability, and Versatility of SENSO Framing LVL Beams. With dimensions of 360 x 65mm and H2S Treated for durability, these E14 Engineered Wood LVL Beams redefine structural excellence in construction.

SENSO Structural LVL

Harnessing Unmatched Strength:

  • Load-Bearing Prowess: Engineered to bear substantial loads, LVL beams at 360 x 65mm exhibit exceptional load-bearing capacities while maintaining structural integrity.
  • Enduring Durability: Highly resistant to decay, pests, and environmental stressors, these beams offer enduring durability, minimizing maintenance demands over time.
  • Precision Manufacturing: Crafted with meticulous precision, LVL beams uphold uniform dimensions, streamlining construction processes and reducing on-site irregularities.

Versatility Across Construction:

  • Floors and Roofs Bolstered: LVL beams provide robust support for both floors and roofs, ensuring stability and minimizing structural deflection.
  • Robust Roof Structures: Their strength qualifies them for constructing resilient roof frameworks, ensuring consistent support and stability.
  • Architectural Flourish: LVL beams seamlessly integrate into visible architectural features, enhancing both structural strength and aesthetic appeal.

Championing Sustainability:

  • Eco-Friendly Sourcing: Crafted from sustainably sourced wood, LVL beams champion eco-conscious construction practices and responsible forestry management.
  • Minimal Waste Generation: The manufacturing process of LVL beams minimizes waste, aligning with sustainable construction principles.

In conclusion, LVL beams sized at 360 x 65mm epitomize the progress in engineered wood products. Their exceptional strength, durability, and adaptability render them invaluable across diverse construction applications. By incorporating these beams, construction professionals ensure not only structural robustness but also contribute to sustainable building practices, nurturing a resilient and environmentally conscious future for the construction industry.

SENSO LVL Beams 360 x 65mm Packing and Loading



Please contact our sales team for more detailed information regarding ROCPLEX – SENSO Structural LVL.

LVL Beams 360 x 65mm FAQ

Q: What is an LVL beam?

A: An LVL beam is an engineered wood product made by bonding together thin layers of wood veneers with adhesives. The resulting product is strong, stable, and uniform in size and shape, making it an ideal choice for structural applications.

Q: What are the dimensions of a 360 x 65mm LVL beam?

A: The 360 x 65mm LVL beam has a height of 360mm and a width of 65mm. The length can vary based on the specific application and is available in different lengths, typically ranging from 2.4m to 6m or more.

Q: What is the weight of a 360 x 65mm LVL beam?

A: The weight of a 360 x 65mm LVL beam depends on the length and the density of the wood used in its construction. As an example, a 4m length of 360 x 65mm LVL beam made with pine wood may weigh around 88kg.

Q: What are the advantages of using LVL beams?

A: LVL beams have several advantages over traditional solid wood beams. They are stronger, more stable, and more uniform in size and shape. LVL beams also have a higher load-carrying capacity and are less prone to warping, twisting, and splitting. They can also be engineered to precise sizes and lengths, making them ideal for specific applications.

Q: What are some common uses for 360 x 65mm LVL beams?

A: 360 x 65mm LVL beams are commonly used as structural members in both residential and commercial construction. They can be used as floor joists, roof rafters, wall studs, and beams for load-bearing walls. They are also used in bridge construction and other infrastructure projects.

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