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Experience Safety: Purchase ROCPLEX Anti-Slip Plywood for Secure Surfaces

Experience Safety: Purchase ROCPLEX Anti-Slip Plywood for Secure Surfaces

ROCPLEX Grid Antislip Plywood boasts excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture penetration, chemicals, insects, and fungi. It meets stringent industry standards and is certified to the EN636-2S standard, ensuring the highest quality and performance.


Product Detail

Anti-slip plywood, also known as slip-resistant plywood, is designed to provide improved traction and safety in environments where surfaces are prone to being slippery, especially when wet. It’s a specialized type of plywood that has a textured or patterned surface to reduce the risk of slips and falls. This makes it particularly suitable for applications where moisture, oils, or other slippery substances are present, such as in marine environments, industrial settings, or outdoor decks.

ROCPLEX Grid Antislip Plywood Details

Sr NO.



Test Method

Value Of Test



Moisture Content


EN 322


Check out




EN 323


Check out


Bonding Qality

Bonding Qality


EN 314

Max: 1.68 Min: 0.81

Check out

Damage Rate



Check out


Bending Moudulus of Elasticity



EN 310


Check out



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Check out



Check out


Cycle Life

About 15-25 Repeated Using Times Acoording To Projects By Formwork Application

Anti-slip properties are achieved in plywood:

  1. Diverse Methods: Achieving anti-slip attributes involves employing an array of distinct methodologies.
  2. Specialized Coatings: The application of unique coatings heightens the surface’s grasp and resistance to slipping.
  3. Resin Infusion: Impregnating the plywood with resin further amplifies its potential for delivering secure traction.
  4. Textured Layer: Incorporating a textured layer during the production process introduces an augmented grip.
  5. Enhanced Traction: The amalgamation of these techniques substantially elevates the surface’s capacity to furnish steadfast footing.
  6. Augmented Durability and Safeguarding: The texturized layer not only enhances grip but also imparts augmented durability and protective attributes to the plywood.

Anti-slip plywood can have a range of applications, such as:

  1. Marine Decking: It’s commonly used in boats and ships as deck flooring due to its ability to provide secure footing on wet surfaces.
  2. Industrial Flooring: In factories, warehouses, and workshops, where spills or liquids can create hazardous conditions.
  3. Outdoor Decks and Walkways: Residential and commercial spaces benefit from anti-slip plywood on outdoor decks, stairs, and walkways.
  4. Commercial Vehicles: It’s used in the flooring of vehicles like trailers or trucks to prevent movement of cargo.
  5. Playgrounds: In areas where children play, anti-slip plywood adds an extra layer of safety.
  6. Stages and Platforms: For temporary structures or events where safety is crucial.

ROCPLEX Grid Antislip Plywood Packing & Loading

Container Type



Gross Weight

Net Weight

20 GP

8 pallets

22 CBM



40 HQ

18 pallets

53 CBM



ROCPLEX Grid Antislip Plywood Application

  • Trailer floor
  • Train floor
  • Airplane floor
  • Vehicle floor
  • Van linings
  • Horse boxes
  • Industrial trolley bases
  • Flight case
  • Hard case
  • Soft case
  • Flight chests
  • Speaker
  • Interior design
  • Furniture

ROCPLEX Grid Antislip Plywood FAQ

Q: What is ROCPLEX Grid Antislip Plywood?

A: This  Plywood is a type of plywood that has a grid pattern imprinted onto one side of the panel. The pattern provides excellent slip resistance, making it ideal for flooring and other applications where a non-slip surface is required.

Q: What are the advantages of using this  Plywood?

A: The main advantage of this  Plywood is its slip-resistant surface. This makes it ideal for applications where safety is a concern, such as flooring in public areas, ramps, and walkways. The plywood is also durable and has good structural properties.

Q: What sizes are available in ROCPLEX Grid Antislip Plywood?

A: This  Plywood is available in standard sizes of 4′ x 8′ and 5′ x 10′. Other sizes may be available upon request.

Q: What thicknesses are available in ROCPLEX Grid Antislip Plywood?

A: This  Plywood is available in thicknesses ranging from 9mm to 18mm.

Q: What is the weight of ROCPLEX Grid Antislip Plywood?

A: The weight of this Plywood depends on the thickness of the panel. As a rough guide, a 4′ x 8′ panel of 18mm thickness weighs around 63 pounds.

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