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High-Strength LVL Beams 400 x 63mm for Structural Excellence:

High-Strength LVL Beams 400 x 63mm for Structural Excellence:

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Invest in our premium Structural LVL E13 Engineered Wood LVL Beams 400 x 63mm H2S Treated SENSO Framing LVL 13 to benefit from their exceptional strength, durability, versatility, and ease of installation. These beams are designed to meet the demands of heavy-duty construction projects while ensuring long-lasting performance and structural integrity.



Product Detail

LVL Beams 400 x 63mm has a strength similar to solid wood, concrete, and steel and is made by gluing together rotary peeled or sliced thin wood veneers under heat and pressure. In the 1970s, LVL was created and is now utilized for permanent structural applications such as beams, lintels, purlins, truss chords, and formwork.

The veneers are cured before lamination, and the grains of each veneer are aligned in the same direction. This makes LVL stronger, straighter, and more uniform than solid wood, and it overcomes some of the intrinsic limits of wood, such as strength-reducing knots. This results in orthotropic characteristics (different mechanical properties against various axes) in the plane of plywood, as opposed to isotropic qualities (the same mechanical properties in each direction) in the plane of sawn timber. Because it is an engineered wood product, LVL Beams 400 x 63mm is less prone to shrinking and warping.

SENSO Structural LVL E13 Frame


Our LVL beams are lighter and stronger since they are made in a world-class manufacturing. LVL E13 is an engineered wood product that is lighter, stronger, and straighter than standard sawn timber.

LVL is a lightweight and simple to install material that is perfect for frames and trusses, floor frame construction, stick roofs, and tall wood constructions.

All H2S treated LVL is produced from high-quality wood and is designed to span longer, handle heavier weights, and survive harsh weather conditions. To withstand termite infestation, LVL is pesticide-treated in the glue lines. Treatment Level encourages users to employ it in hazardous areas by offering below-ground, exterior applications.

Floors: They can be set to productive use.

Roofs: It is suitable for use in roofs.

Walls: an excellent choice for walls

Internal: can be used

External: suitable for use on external surfaces

Refer to the Specifications below for specifications on the major types of LVL formwork supplied by ROCPLEX or contact us to discuss further your needs.

SENSO LVL Beams 400 x 63mm Packing and Loading

Container Type



Gross Weight

Net Weight

20 GP

6 pallets

20 CBM



40 HQ


40 CBM




Meanwhile, we also can supply you the formwork system accessories, commercial plywood, film-faced plywood, etc.
We are especially professional in supplying LVL and plywood boards.
Please contact our sales team for more detailed information regarding ROCPLEX – SENSO Structural LVL.

LVL Beams 400 x 63mm FAQ

Q: What is the maximum span for LVL beams 400 x 63mm?

A: The maximum span for LVL beams 400 x 63mm depends on several factors, including the load it needs to support, the type of building construction, and the specific design of the beam. It is best to consult with a structural engineer or a manufacturer to determine the appropriate maximum span for your particular application.

Q: How do I cut LVL beams 400 x 63mm?

A: LVL beams can be cut using standard woodworking tools, such as a circular saw or a handsaw. It is important to use a blade designed for cutting engineered wood products and to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for cutting and installation.

Q: Can LVL beams 400 x 63mm be used for exterior applications?

A: LVL beams can be used for exterior applications, but they must be treated with a suitable preservative to protect against moisture and fungal decay. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for treatment and installation to ensure the long-term performance of the beam.

Q: Are LVL beams 400 x 63mm fire-resistant?

A: LVL beams are not fire-resistant, but they can be treated with fire-retardant chemicals to improve their fire performance. It is important to consult with a fire protection specialist and follow local building codes and regulations for fire protection requirements.

Q: How do LVL beams 400 x 63mm compare to traditional solid wood beams?

A: LVL beams offer several advantages over traditional solid wood beams, including greater strength and dimensional stability, consistent quality, and a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process. They can also be designed to meet specific load requirements, making them a popular choice for many construction applications.

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