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Premium Quality Efficient 6m SENSO Formwork LVL Edge Forms: Engineered Wood Excellence

Premium Quality Efficient 6m SENSO Formwork LVL Edge Forms: Engineered Wood Excellence

Short Description:

SENSOform LVL Edge Form 200x36mm, brought to you by SENSO Formwork, is a state-of-the-art engineered wood product specifically designed for concrete formwork applications. This high-quality form board, also referred to as formboard, formwork timber, timber formwork, edge form, edgeboard, formwork boards, lvl edgeform, lvl formwork timber, and concrete formwork timber, offers exceptional strength, durability, and precision for a wide range of construction projects.


Product Detail

The SENSO LVL Edge Form 200x36mm is a monument to formwork’s progress. The core of this product, Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), is a precisely developed wood composite with remarkable strength and homogeneity. This engineered wood is made by gluing numerous layers of wood veneers together, resulting in a material that is both robust and predictable in its qualities.


SENSOform Edge form LVL

SENSO Edgeform 200*36mm products is a specifically manufactured structural LVL product intended for use in concrete formwork applications such as edge boards and pre-cast concrete edges.

Crafting Precision with SENSO LVL Edge Form:

    • The SENSO LVL Edge Form 200x36mm exemplifies the evolution of formwork.
    • Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) is at the core of this product, offering an engineered wood composite with remarkable qualities.
    • LVL is crafted by bonding multiple layers of wood veneers together.
    • This engineered wood exhibits exceptional strength, uniformity, and predictability in its properties.
    • The precise engineering ensures the material’s reliability and consistency.

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) Essence:

    • LVL is a carefully engineered wood composite.
    • Created through the bonding of multiple wood veneer layers.
    • The resulting material showcases outstanding strength and uniformity.
    • Its properties are highly predictable, enhancing its reliability in construction.

Strength and Predictability:

    • The heart of the SENSO LVL Edge Form is LVL.
    • LVL’s composition grants it exceptional strength, crucial for formwork.
    • This engineered wood’s robustness allows it to withstand the pressures of concrete pouring.
    • Predictable properties ensure consistent performance across projects.

Engineered Excellence:

    • SENSO LVL Edge Form is a testament to engineering prowess.
    • The careful construction of LVL results in a material with both strength and uniformity.
    • The combination of strength and uniformity enables precise formwork molding.

Consistency through Bonding:

    • LVL is created by bonding wood veneer layers together.
    • The bonding process ensures a uniform distribution of strength.
    • Resulting material properties are consistent and reliable.
    • Builders and engineers can trust its performance in various construction scenarios.

Leading the Evolution:

    • SENSO LVL Edge Form sets a new standard for formwork.
    • Its utilization of LVL highlights the advancement in construction materials.
    • By embracing engineered wood, it contributes to modern construction practices.
    • This innovation pushes the boundaries of what’s achievable in formwork precision.

Refer to the Specifications below for specifications on the major types of LVL formwork supplied by ROCPLEX or contact us to discuss further your needs.


SENSOform LVL Packing & Loading:

Container Type



Gross Weight

Net Weight

20 GP


20 CBM



40 HQ


40 CBM



SENSOform Edge LVL Certified By:


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Please contact our sales team for more detailed information regarding ROCPLEX – SENSO Structural LVL.

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